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Individual Therapy

individual therapy long island nyIndividual counseling is a form of therapy that provides guidance, support, and feedback to the client to encourage insight, changes in behaviors, and increase overall emotional well-being. Individual counseling is a process in which problems are resolved and healthy resolution skills are learned in order to make improvements in one’s personal growth. This type of therapy/counseling can be useful for many interpersonal and intra-personal problems such as. In general,  individual therapy is a personal process of deeply listening to, learning from, and working with the protective or wounded parts of oneself. Becoming conscious of one’s self and caring for oneself helps an individual to  heal, grow, and make positive changes.

Individual Therapy  involves meeting one on one with a professional counselor/therapist  for the purpose of reducing internal suffering which occurs in the form of negative feelings, problematic behaviors, somatic responses, and personal beliefs. In addition, attending consistent therapy sessions is a  useful and common means of self-actualization and self-growth. Therapy can assist individuals in resolving barriers which impact the positive qualities of life such as love, peace,  joy, self-esteem, spiritual connection,  and overall contentment with life. Many people benefit greatly with individual therapy as they improve their overall quality of life by growing aware of their inner world and becoming more conscious of their own “self-identity.”

Couples Counseling

couples therapy long island nyCouples counseling and marriage counseling is a form of therapy in which the setting is provided to guide  sessions conjointly and develop an understanding of underlying core interpersonal dissatisfaction in the relationship. The therapist provides guidance and coaching to the couple to build understanding and resolve conflicts by providing new techniques and skills to improve their relationship. The clients learn how to resolve issues in their relationship by adapting healthier ways of interacting by effectively communicating while building trust and empathy back into the relationship.

Couples counseling is a healthy way to salvage a relationship, but it is also a means to gain a deeper understanding of the person you share your life with. It can bring on an ability to delve into individual flaws and also help each separate individual in learning what they can do to resolve issues and to change what needs to be changed in order to be a better person and a better partner. While attending your Marriage Counseling sessions it will appear that your “relationship” is under the microscope as your partner, your therapist, and you work with each other to determine what you want out of therapy and outline your goals to improve your relationship.

Family Counseling

family counseling long island nyFamily Counseling services is a form of therapy one or more family members attend sessions and are guided to identify patterns that are causing problems and are ineffective. The counseling  is a way in which families can learn to adopt new behavior patterns and improve communication. Family Counseling looks at the family as a whole –not on the individual elements of the whole. Family Counselors are trained to observe the inter-actional patterns of the family. Family Counselors look at the structure of the family. They examine how the family is organized. They also look at rules, roles, boundaries, family rituals, communication, behavior patterns, and the dynamics of how the family functions or fails to function as a whole.

Some of those families seeking family counseling services may be those who come from single parent households, have the dynamics of step-parent/step-children/step-siblings, or those who are needing therapy for coping with a divorce or devastating loss. In addition, family therapy can also help families address problems with parenting skills as a unit, children’s behavioral problems, and miscellaneous conflicts that affect the family in various ways.

Child Therapy

child therapy long island NYCounseling for children is a form of counseling that if the child is eighteen or younger is conducted with other family members present to evaluate the child’s family environment. The counseling addresses behaviors that are interfering with functioning with family, school, and peers. The therapy is used to identify the reasons contributing to the child’s behaviors and develop solutions that will improve the child’s personal, academic, and social environment.

One of the most crucial forms of counseling is intended for children and adolescents, and can have a significantly positive impact on childhood and the process of becoming an adult. Child counseling, along with child therapy, is a private or clinical practice that bases its functionality on the field of child psychology, and attempts to offer real-world solutions to the challenges faced by youths and their families. With a keen understanding of physical, mental, and behavioral development, child counselors and therapists are able to gain insight on issues that children and adolescents experience, whether it’s difficulty staying attentive and engaged with schoolwork or experiencing thoughts and feelings of depression or another mental health concern. Child counselors and therapists can identify with their expertise the particular needs and exceptional aspects of a child which enable them to relate to the youth and act as a vital  partner in the successful recovery and positive personal development of an adolescent or child.

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