Marriage Counseling

Long Island Marriage Counseling

Marriage counseling is the process of meeting with a licensed counselor who will help you and your spouse resolve issues that may be causing destruction in your marriage.  Sometimes the issues are just little things, but when they are added to all of the other little things they compound and become big things.  Attending marriage counseling can alleviate these issues by helping you and your spouse see things from a different point of view.  Often when couples have been married for a long period of time, they get complacent and just squeeze through every day trying to avoid arguments.  This is not how a happy marriage works.  If you are tired of your daily life functioning in this manner, then it is likely time that you sought outside assistance to help you and your spouse reconnect. (more…)

Couples Counseling

Long Island Couples CounselingCouples counseling is the process of counseling two people in a relationship in an effort to aid them in resolving their differences.   Every relationship has its own peaks and valleys.  There are times when things are trying and you are barely speaking to one another, and there are times when everything seems to go much smoother.  It is a natural rhythm of relationships.  However, sometimes communication problems and prolonged disagreements can lead to a wall being constructed between the two of you.  Lack of resolution and the need to protect oneself from hurt lead to built up resentment that seems to keep the animosity smoldering.  The smallest gust of wind from a fight can ignite the embers again and launch a full blown argument.  When you can’t seem to get ahead of the anger and hurt, it is time for couples counseling. (more…)

Five Benefits of Couples Counseling

Five Benefits of Couples CounselingIn this article we will show you five benefits of couples counseling.
No one ever said that marriage is easy.  In fact, it can be one of the most challenging things to keep in balance.  Sometimes disagreements and arguments happen, and this disrupts the harmony of the relationship.  Many arguments can be settled quickly.  However, some keep going on because the couple cannot seem to see eye to eye.  When you cannot seem to find resolution to a problem and you begin to see a breakdown in your marriage, it’s time to get outside help.  Many people feel like they have failed when they enlist the help of a counselor.  The truth is, it takes strong people with a deep desire to save their marriage to go to counseling. (more…)

Recovering From and Emotional Affair: Marital Woes

Recovering From and Emotional AffairYou never expect it to happen, but the unforeseen can occur before you even realize- the emotional affair is relentless,heart-wrenching, and breath-taking all in one. Emotional affairs are easy to justify, condone, or even ignore- however they are more powerful than affairs based on sexual desires. It is a proven fact that most emotional affairs, lead to sexual affairs eventually- if the circumstances allow. They can begin very innocently, and end in tragedy… They are deeply woven in betrayal, although the mere surface of having one can be life altering and innocently received or given. (more…)

When a Relationship Becomes About Control

When a Relationship Becomes About ControlWe all suffer from uncertain insecurities when we have invested are hearts duly, however in some circumstances the tables can turn and before you know it one partner “the one you love” is trying to self-satisfy and heal themselves with the power and control that they can exercise over you. This can be activated in many forms-but the underlying purpose and initiative is all pursued to achieve the same outcome. (more…)

How to Create Trust in a Relationship

How to Create Trust in a RelationshipTrust is an essential factor for a good relationship. If you don’ trust your partner, a healthy relationship is out of question. Staying in a relationship while having a trust issue is an unbearable torture.

So, if there’s no trust, how can you create it? If it doesn’t come naturally, you’ll have to work on it. Nobody says it’s easy, it requires hard work and cooperation, mutual understanding and most important, willingness to achieve a final result that is going to be accepted by both sides. But, if you firmly believe your relationship is worth it, both you and your partner should earn each others’ trust. (more…)

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