Mindful RelationshipsWelcome to Counseling Services Direct for Marriage and Family Therapy. Summer is winding down, and at the end of a session today  I acknowledged with a client that it is already the middle of the month and the autum is shortly going to begin to present its subtle changes. These seasonal differences appear to suddenly come upon us, only truly noticing these transitions when we slow down our minds enough to cultivate a more acute state of consciousness. Humans by nature both on an individual and interpersonal level appear to be invested in an ongoing preconscious contemplation of the past and future, with little resource allotted to the present moment. I would like to encourage you to reflect more upon this subject matter and slow down to focus on the present moment and consider the following ways to cultivate mindfulness into your relationships.

  • Apply concentration, imagination, observation, location, and association. (Ex: allocate 10 minutes each day to meditate in a quiet space and begin to strengthen your mental faculties to improve the ability to focus).
  • Evaluate interactions and establish deeper impressions. (EX: explore the patterns and features in your intellectual and emotional environment).
  • Discover the senses and open up to your perceptual field by incorporating strategies to increase your awareness of the self, the other, and the self in relation to the other. (EX: notice relevant stimuli that evoke a strong central point of connection).

Mindfulness The previous list of suggestions are important to provide you with guidance to help build mindfulness into your relationships for both couples and families. I hope this information has been helpful and has awakened your awareness of  the value they hold in providing a strong foundation for the health of your relationships.

“Encouraging growth to improve and sustain positive relationships”

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Stacey Chernin, M.A., LMFT, CFT

References: O’ Brien, D. (2000). Learn to Rememer. Practical Techniques and Exercises to Improve Your Memory. Duncan Baird Publishers (Chronicle Books).   San Francisco, CA.

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