Intimacy Issues

Intimacy Issues Welcome to Counseling Services Direct for Marriage and Family Therapy. The definition of Intimacy generally refers to a state of familiarity, closeness, affection, and deep understanding that occurs at many different levels in healthy loving relationship. Emotional intimacy is a combination of sharing a deep level of communication that facilitates a union rooted in a closeness that is build upon a trusting foundation.

However, when relationships begin to breakdown there are signs that manifest in communication problems, a decrease of physical and emotional closeness, as well as an overall change in the amount of comfort and trust. There are reasons that intimacy can be lacking in a relationship. I would like to encourage you to consider the following points that can help to increase emotional intimacy.

  • Improve communication by honestly sharing your vision for the relationship and by learning to openly discuss your deepest self with a true concern for the other. (EX: Practice mindfullness with the other to build a strong foundation for being present while creating a newness in each moment and experience).
  • Committ to making time for the relationship and explore different ways to increase joy by sharing activities that encourage closeness.(EX:Establish time for activities were sharing affection and personal feeling is encouraged).

marriage intimacyThe previous points are important to provide you with information to help increase intimacy in your relationship and maintain well being. I hope this information has been helpful and has awakened your awareness of  the value they hold in providing a strong foundation for the health of your marriage and relationships.

“Encouraging growth to improve and sustain positive relationships”

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Stacey Chernin, M.A., LMFT, CFT

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