Grieving and RelationshipsWelcome to Counseling Services Direct for Marriage and Family Therapy. Grieving is often associated with a significant loss that is experienced in various ways by different individuals. Grieving follows a certain set of stages. These stages include identifying the loss through the morning process and eventually leading to acceptance. Loss may be a result of death, illness, or the termination of an important relationship. The way in which individuals experience grief will depend on the nature and expectancy of the loss.

Complicated grief is similiar to normal grieving except the experience of the loss is associated with severely painful emotions that last over a long period of time and interferes with acceptanceand returning to normal functioning. Symptoms of bereavement can include anxiety and depression which generally declines over time, however when the loss is complicated the suffering can continue. The distress associated with complicated grief can occur at different levels which include a feeling of disbelief, anger, recurrent emotions that are painful, and a preoccupation with memories, longings, and yearning for the departed individual. I would like to encourage you to consider the following points to help you understand and identify your strngths around this topic.

  • Consider the idea of how  the emotions related  to complicated bereavement may be resolved and lead to acceptanceof the loss. (Ex: Bereavement counseling can provide the help needed to regain a sense of hope and decrease feelings of hopelessness and connect with movement towards resolution).
  • Examine and understand the emotional process related to grieving. (Ex: Consider the steps related to grievign which leads to a level of acceptance and peace and sometimes additional help  may be needed in the form of a support group).

The previous points are important to provide you with information to help you to maintain well being. I hope this information has been helpful and has awakened your awareness of  the value they hold in providing a strong foundation for the health of your family.

“Encouraging growth to improve and sustain positive relationships”

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Stacey Chernin, M.A., LMFT, CFT

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