What does it mean to be a friendWelcome to Counseling Services Direct for Marriage and Family Therapy. What does it mean to be a friend? How would one define friendship? We often use the word so easily, it flows very generally in conversation when we refer to a deep caring compassionate fondness for another. Friendships are a form of interpersonal relationships. Friendship should be present in all relationships including with peers, family members, as well a significant other.

This process begins in early childhood when children begin the socialization process and continues to develop through the life span from adulthood to older age, it can be considered a physiological as well as a  psychologically perceived need to establish and maintian ongoing connections that are rooted in true caring, support, and nurturing. Furthermore, such an alliance is considered  to be an integral part of human connection and interaction which encourages bonding and promotes acceptance and companionship. In some situations when significant bonding based in freindships is missing one may experince isolation and loneliness. I would like to encourage you to please consider the following reasons why friendship can be so beneficial to you and all of your significant relationships:

  • Friendship can promote your mental and physical well being by providing a true sense of comfort, support, understanding, trust, and companionship. (EX: This type of relationship supports an environment were disclosure is possible and acceptance is always present without any jugement).
  • This form of bonding allows for a connection which is based upon a reciprocal interpersonal relationship which encourages an equal of amount of sharing. (EX: Frienship provides a space to demonstrate a consistent exchange of caring  within a deep concern for each other).

The previous points are important to provide you with information to help you acknowledge the importance of friendship in all of your relationships and how they contribute to your well being. I hope this information has been helpful and has awakened your awareness of  the value they hold in providing a strong foundation for the health of your marriage, family and all your important relationships.

“Encouraging growth to improve and sustain positive relationships”

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Stacey Chernin, M.A., LMFT, CFT

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