Family Issues and Family Counseling

Family Issues and Family Counseling Long IslandWelcome to Counseling Services Direct for Marriage and Family Therapy. Pattens are prevalent in most activities of life, including the transition from one season to the next. Patterns provide the ability to understand our physical and emotional environment. It is difficult for us to ignore when the colder weather sets in and we have to begin to make certain altercations in our daily routine to account for these shifts.

Family structures also follow a natural order and include a strong emotional component too. The pattens adapted by families help them to sustain themselves, however certain forms can be maladaptive and dysfunctional to the health of its members. The well being of a family system as a whole is dependent on adapting functional ways in which to adjust and cope with life cycle issues through the course of its equinox to its solstice, assimilating and accomidating from the cooler/darker moments to warm/ brighter ones. I would like to encourage you  to reflect more upon this subject matter and ask you to consider the following ways to consider adapting healthy patterns into your family and relationships.

  • Facilitate change in your relationship patterns by considering different ways in which to interact with significant others. (Ex: restructure the family system by changing family rules, and establishing new alignments and patterns which originally encouraged maladaptive behaviors).
  • Consider techniques to change patterns in the family structure. (Ex: setting new boundaries, and reframing by relabeling the problem, reconsidering the previous held evaluations of the sitiuation).
  • Stop avoiding and address the chronic conflict  in the family structure. (Ex: unbalance the status-quo by not repeating the same dysfunctional patterns and begin to adapt and consider making modifications by becoming aware that the problem does not belong to the individual alone rather to the whole family).

The previous list of strategies are important for adapting healthy patterns for both couples and families. I hope this information has Family Therapy happy kidsbeen helpful and has awakened your awareness of  the value they hold in providing a strong foundation for the health of your relationships.

“Encouraging growth to improve and sustain positive relationships”

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Stacey Chernin, M.A., LMFT, CFT

References: Goldenberg, I. & Goldenberg, H. (2004). Family Therapy. An Overview. Brooks/Cole-Thomson Learning. Pacific Grove, CA.

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